Monday, 29 November 2010

Mimi Daily Style - from sunrise to midnite

Salaam Sisters,

I believe many of you often had an all day activities, all day means working in the morning, lunchie with office mates and continue dinner with besties.

Last Friday i did, hmm...what to wear, an outfit for all day long...

Lace Shawl
Shirt Maxi dress
Semi-wool cardigan

LoOove the lace shawl

My Office besties - Lunch at daily bread

My College besties - Dinner at Sopra, pacific Place

This Dessert surely takes our girl talk for an extra hour...nyammm


Anonymous said...

love the dessert
and nice pict
thanks for following my blog

mimidailystyle said...

Thank u RiRi :)

F i K a said...

sempet pengen punya lace shawl tp belum kesampaian sampe skr..hahaha..
aku suka bgtt ama warna cardigannya!!

mimidailystyle said...

Iya nih Ka, lg bosen sm kerudung segi empat makanya lg ber eksperimen dgn shawl... :)

kusumawardani said...

cantik sekali ka mimi :) bikin tutorial cara pake lace shawl ini kak.. :)

mimidailystyle said...

Oke sayang, will post it soon ;)