Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Hijab Tutorial - Lacey Shawl

Salaam All,

this time i'd like to post my lacey shawl style, this shawl size is 177cm x 65cm and the material is elastic lace so it will fit perfectly on your head like an inner scarf, you just pull back the shawl if you feel it's starting look mess on the curve.

A bit of MiMi fashion tips:

To keep your scarf/shawl safe from the pin, you may slip on a beads first before use it OR you can make a tiny cotton ball and slip in on to the pin like below picture.

pin with tiny cotton ball

you may use the inner scarf or not
put the shawl on your head and pin it on the chin
one side is longer than the other side

Take the long part
stretch it first before you round it to your head
make sure it tightly rounded

Slip in the edge of rounded shawl into your chin
make sure it is tight and put a lovely brooch

Take the short part of shawl and pin it to your shoulder
adjust the front side shawl as you like
(you may make it short or long)
Tadaaa...Finish (^^,)

here's the look of side and back

Easy isn't? have a nice try...you may also use other shawl for this style.

Herewith the entire outfit for today :

cotton flowery dress
spandex body suit
Lacey Shawl
Love this bracelet, i wear it often
somehow it can match with any outfit i wear perfectly

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mimi Daily Style - Stripey Shawl

Salaam All,

I'm Falling love with this shawl from the first time i saw it...the size, the material, and the most is the colors.

I wear it to meet my office besties outside the office, we bring our husband and kids to have lunch and give our kids some play time together.

The entire outfit:
Black long cardigan
Medium long orange tank top
Pipe jeans

A bit of MiMi fashion tips:

Why wear long length tank top? we wear long cardigan already?

We choose to wear jeans , the long cardigan only cover our backside so to cover the v shape on the front side better choose a medium long of tank top.

if you choose a skirt to wear then a normal length of tank top/ cardigan will look fab.

Here with the lovely shawl looks :

Front looks
Side Looks
 My besties with husband and kids (minus icha husband *working overseas* and my husband *queing rapunzel ticket for my Princess*) 

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Mimi Daily Style - Another Wedding Reception

Salaam All,

Another wedding reception, this time is my office mate...and i'm thinking to wear a nice hijab creation, i love reading or watching hijab for party tutorial on youtube but never ever try to make it.

This is the first time i try to make a hijab creation and very surprise because it is very easy peasy and less than 10 minutes to make it... here's the look :

will post the tutorial later on my blog (^^,)

For the dress i choose this one, i design the dress by myself :

I met my ex-office mates Nila, she resigned from the company a month a go and now becoming full time wife and mom for her 3 gorgeous son :)...miss u a lot conkiiiiiii...

Friday, 10 December 2010

Mimi Daily Style - Wedding & Mall

Salaam Sisters,

I'm attending my friend wedding last week end, the Akad procession held on Pondok Indah Mosque and the reception will be on January 21st 2010 on the same place.

It is Saturday noon, and as always my Princess ask for "her time" so we plan to go to the Mall after the Akad procession.

What to wear? a noon wedding at Mosque then continue to Mall for family time. I prefer not changes clothes, so i choose satin maxi dress with calm color, and the hijab style is like my daily wear. The simple one since i don't want to look casual in the wedding and also don't want to look too much at the mall hihihi

Here's the look :

The Maxi Dress Look
just change the bag and the shoe then ready for the mall

The Hijab Style and Make up Look, both very simple
Hijab : from the basic step just twist one of the front side around your head&pin on your cheek
Make Up : Sun Block+Concealer+Loose powder+blush on+eye liner
the magic is the fake lash hihihihi always working make my tiny eyes look bigger ;)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tweet Tips - For Hijabi Beginner

Salaam All,

I post some fashion and hijab tips for Hijabi Beginner on my Twitter @mimidailystyle sometimes ago, The tips is on Bahasa, if you'd like to have the English version please drop me an email i will be happy to translate it to you (^^,).

Hope the tips will be useful for the readers.
here with the screen shot (read from the bottom):

Hijab Tips

Hijabi Beginner Fashion Tips

Monday, 6 December 2010

Hijab Tutorial - Basic Mimi Daily Hijab

Salaam All,

As some request trough my twitter @mimidailystyle i will post the tutorial of my daily hijab style.

Basically it is very simple because i don't like a complicate style for daily activities (e.g working etc).

Here with my basic style using square hijab/scarves:

Square Hijab from the drawer
Iron the hijab so no more line on it

Wear your fave inner scarf (me wear nothing under the scarf)
Flip the scarf into triangle,
put it gently on your head and adjust with your face
then put the edge on your chin

Take some of the scarf from side (near your ear) both left and right
put the edge together under the chin, and pin it

Viola this is the foundation of my hijab style
you need to make the basic style very neat from the beginning
because it will stay just like that for the rest of the day (InsyaAllah)

twist the scarf in front side a cross the right and left
a tip for a slim neck : pull your scarf until it straight then turn in to the back side of you neck
then tight it on the back of your neck,
you can make a bow, or use brooch, or hair clip to tighten it

finish? not yet some detail are important to do

pull up the top of your clothes under the scarf
pin it and adjust the scarf around your neck so it looks tidy and comfortable on your neck
put a lovely brooch to keep the scarf on the position

finish with the detail
and if you see your hijab curves is a bit mess you can instantly make it perfect again by pull backward the side of scarf that you pin together under your chin
Now ready to go (^^,)

A tip - base on my experiences : It is better we spare sometimes to wear the hijab so it neat from the beginning and steady for whole day rather than you wear it in hurry and you have to fix it again and again :)

Have a nice try...
Selamat Mencoba...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Beauty in Faith - Hijabers Community

Salaam Sisters,

I just follow Hijabers Community yesterday, HIJABERS Community is created for all hijab wearing girls and also for those who are currently in the process of learning to wear it. 

So excited with this community, cant wait to attend their event and meet all the fabulous sister.

Follow Hijabers Community on :
twitter - @hijabers
blog - hijaberscommunity.blogspot.com
Facebook Page - Hijabers Community

I just put Hijabers Community button on my blog :)

Check it out Sisters