Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Hijab Tutorial - Lacey Shawl

Salaam All,

this time i'd like to post my lacey shawl style, this shawl size is 177cm x 65cm and the material is elastic lace so it will fit perfectly on your head like an inner scarf, you just pull back the shawl if you feel it's starting look mess on the curve.

A bit of MiMi fashion tips:

To keep your scarf/shawl safe from the pin, you may slip on a beads first before use it OR you can make a tiny cotton ball and slip in on to the pin like below picture.

pin with tiny cotton ball

you may use the inner scarf or not
put the shawl on your head and pin it on the chin
one side is longer than the other side

Take the long part
stretch it first before you round it to your head
make sure it tightly rounded

Slip in the edge of rounded shawl into your chin
make sure it is tight and put a lovely brooch

Take the short part of shawl and pin it to your shoulder
adjust the front side shawl as you like
(you may make it short or long)
Tadaaa...Finish (^^,)

here's the look of side and back

Easy isn't? have a nice try...you may also use other shawl for this style.

Herewith the entire outfit for today :

cotton flowery dress
spandex body suit
Lacey Shawl
Love this bracelet, i wear it often
somehow it can match with any outfit i wear perfectly


riesta said...

ntar dicoba ah...

mimidailystyle said...

Selamat Mencoba Say ;)

daisy sunshine said...

hi mimi! my first visit :) suka deh liat pake jilbab ky gituuu.. tapi kynya aku sangat amat ga cocok klo pakenya begituuu hiks. nice to know youuu :) btw jumpsuit nya aku beli di grand indonesia, tapi udah lama sih hehe

mimidailystyle said...

Hi Daisy,

lg coba2 pake shawl/scarf nih aku ceritanya heheheh.

mdh2an ketemu jumpsuit spt punyamu, keren sangat *drooling*

Ami Schaheera said...

salam mimi, suka with your lace shawl. beli di mana ya?

mimidailystyle said...

salaam Ami,

Thanks for visiting my blog, lacey shawl di Jakarta banyak terdapat di ITC or Tanah Abang, but you can find it as well on some online store, happy hunting ;)

Dyah said...

nice , suka style nya. salam kenal :)

mimidailystyle said...

Hi Dyah, salam kenal jg yah :)

Syabrina said...

Assalammualaikum :)

Mba mimi, kalo boleh tau beli lacey shawlnya dimana ya?

Diadjeng Andari Janssens said...

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