Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mimi Daily Style - Stripey Shawl

Salaam All,

I'm Falling love with this shawl from the first time i saw it...the size, the material, and the most is the colors.

I wear it to meet my office besties outside the office, we bring our husband and kids to have lunch and give our kids some play time together.

The entire outfit:
Black long cardigan
Medium long orange tank top
Pipe jeans

A bit of MiMi fashion tips:

Why wear long length tank top? we wear long cardigan already?

We choose to wear jeans , the long cardigan only cover our backside so to cover the v shape on the front side better choose a medium long of tank top.

if you choose a skirt to wear then a normal length of tank top/ cardigan will look fab.

Here with the lovely shawl looks :

Front looks
Side Looks
 My besties with husband and kids (minus icha husband *working overseas* and my husband *queing rapunzel ticket for my Princess*) 

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