Friday, 10 December 2010

Mimi Daily Style - Wedding & Mall

Salaam Sisters,

I'm attending my friend wedding last week end, the Akad procession held on Pondok Indah Mosque and the reception will be on January 21st 2010 on the same place.

It is Saturday noon, and as always my Princess ask for "her time" so we plan to go to the Mall after the Akad procession.

What to wear? a noon wedding at Mosque then continue to Mall for family time. I prefer not changes clothes, so i choose satin maxi dress with calm color, and the hijab style is like my daily wear. The simple one since i don't want to look casual in the wedding and also don't want to look too much at the mall hihihi

Here's the look :

The Maxi Dress Look
just change the bag and the shoe then ready for the mall

The Hijab Style and Make up Look, both very simple
Hijab : from the basic step just twist one of the front side around your head&pin on your cheek
Make Up : Sun Block+Concealer+Loose powder+blush on+eye liner
the magic is the fake lash hihihihi always working make my tiny eyes look bigger ;)


emmy said...

salut.. pinter dandan n make-up nya bageusss... smooth...

mimidailystyle said... yah Emmy (^^,)

iffah imani said...

ur face like malaysian actress wardina safiyyah

mimidailystyle said...

Is it? *Googling* hehehe thanks Iffa *blushing*