Monday, 31 January 2011

Hello Yellow

Salaam All,

Alhamdulillah My Husband never complain if i wore a colorful outfit, because i LoOoVe colors especially pastel and bright colors.

Today i choose yellow as the main color...

Here's the snaps of my Yellow outfit today

Cotton Shawl
Midi Dress
Pencil Jeans
Wedges shoes

Cotton Shawl from Citos Ladies Bazaar

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Salaam All,

Stripes is Special, because it can perfectly combine with any kind of colors and print.

My Choice today is black stripes + pink cheetah print scarf, the pink scarf add colors to the black combination.    

So here it is (^^,)

Polyester Scarf
Stripes Midi Dress
Pencil Jeans
Peep Shoes
A bit of MiMi Fashion Tips :

If you wear a pencil pants/legging you need to mind the length of the top you wear with it. Pencil pants/Legging will shape your leg perfectly as it seen so if you combine with short/tight top you will look too sexy for hijabi :)

My suggestion is better wear over knee length top with your pencil pants/legging ;)

The Hijab Look

Friday, 28 January 2011

Glittery Cotton Shawl

Salaam All,

When Fika upload her shawl collection on Nably Covered i'm falling in love at the first sight with the Glitter Cotton Shawl collection, Alhamdulillah i still get one before it all sold out :)

The Shawl Material is cotton, very light and easy to wear.

I look to my wardrobe the glitter shawl color is so in line with my vintage dress (which been on my wardrobe since year 2007).

Here's the look (^^,) :

The Glitter Cotton Shawl

Here's the closer look of the Glitter

I wore to office yesterday ;) 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Little Black Dress

Salaam All,

Black Dress is a must have item on the wardrobe, because it can safe you to look fabulous with any kind of scarf/shawl/accessories...especially if you in a rush a black dress can be a perfect option.

I have a couple of black dress, my fave is this one, the material is cotton, very comfortable :)

I wore this dress to office yesterday, please take a look and mind the lousy face since i take the picture after i went home last night 

Cotton Maxi Dress
Spandex Body Suit
Polyester Scarf

Here's the closer look of the Hijab

Monday, 24 January 2011

Tie-Dye Sunday

Salaam All,

It's Sunday...time to take my princess out for playtime...when i open my wardrobe i saw this tie-dye maxi, i remember i bought it in early time i wear Hijab, on 2007...whew it is been a time but it's still my fave because of it cutting and colors :)

And my package from Hijab Edge just arrive very happy because the salem cotton shawl colors i bought is in-line with the maxis 

A bit of MiMi fashion tips:

i don't use word "matching" since the new trend for 2011 is in line (^^,)

here's the look :

The Closer look of the Cotton Shawl from Hijab Edge

A bit of MiMi fashion tips:

Cotton Shawl will fit in your head perfectly if you tighten it, BUT mind your comfortable is the most important, so don't pull it too tight or you will get headache along you wear it :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Another Week End

Salaam All,

It is Saturday, another week end :) for those whom working at office week end is always excited, I planned to attend my office mates son birthday party then continue to watch Yogi Bear with my Princess.

So here is the chosen outfit for today :

3/4 Over-all dress
turtle neck tee
colorful cotton scarf
toe-cover tight
low-heels shoes

here's the look

the closer look of the hijab

Saturday, 22 January 2011

MiMi Wedding Style - Siwi Wedding Reception

Salaam All,

Last Friday is my Best friend, Siwi wedding reception. I'm on recovery from cold and my boss did not gave me a permit to leave the office early, so here i am, with a very simple make up and self hijab creation,while my other friends are went to the salon for make up and hair do since 2pm, well i don't mind, the important is being with them.

Hamdallah the reception is a cross my office building so i'm not late to attend the reception.

Here's me and my besties on the wedding reception :

The Bride and Groom *sorry for the picture it's taken by mobi-cam*

We have a trophy that given to the marriage couple with our name on it
yeah you will not find MiMi on the trophy since it's my nick name (^^,)
I give u a clue, I'm the first of my friends whom get married.

My Besties

Us with the Couple, Siwi and Dippy...congrats you both
 *ooops Dipy look sleepy, time to go home now :)

Friday, 21 January 2011

MiMi Random Pics - Hijab for a week

Salaam All,

As  this week is very busy at office plus i get cold i have no time to capture my daily outfit, but my BlackBerry capture some of my hijab for this week.

Herewith the snaps :

Tie-dye Shawl (ITC Ambassador)

Cotton-Lace Shawl (Saudi Arabia)

Polyester Scarf (ITC Ambassador)

Polyester Scarf (ITC Ambassador)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mimi Hijab Choices - Tie-dye Shawl

Salaam All,

if you mostly wear no Inner scarf under your hijab then stretch scarf/shawl is a perfect choice, i start to collect those kind of scarf/shawl last year...if i have no time for hunting on the spot then i will hunt it on line :)

One of my favorite online shop is Hijab Edge , They sell beautiful scarf and shawl with affordable price as well...

When they upload their tie-dye collection my eyes spotted this beautiful one :

The Material is cotton shirt, size 177cm x 55cm, perfect size for me since i'm a bit "small" so this size will not look too "big" on me.

So herewith the entire look of the beautiful shawl :

I use one pin on my chin and one small brooch on the head

Side Look

Back Look

Front look and the detail

Mimi Daily Style - Mix Colorful

Salaam All,

My little girl ask to join when i try to capture the outfit i wear that day... I found this medium length shirt at Rumah Mode, Famous factory outlet in Bandung, since it a bit tight on the hips i cover it with the cardigan, Love the mixed color on the shirt so i can wear different cardigan and scarf (^^,)

Since the length of the shirt is over my knee i think a pencil jeans will not look sexy but look chic.

Here's the capture on the outfit (+ my princess) :

The Scarf closer look, i adore the pink cheetah print very much hehehe

Monday, 10 January 2011

Family Pictures - Square Blue

Salaam All,

I Love this Marra-Scarf so much, and when i check my husband wardrobe, he has a shirt which the print and color is similar with my scarf, so i asked him to wear it :)

I Love my Family, my daughter act the same like her father she love to make funny face if i take a picture...

Herewith my family snaps last week-end :

Scarf by @marrascarfs
Entire Outfit

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mimi Daily Style - Hareem Pants

Salaam All,

Saturday...lazy day hehehe wake up late-lunch-take a nap-early dinner and suddenly remember i need to do the weekly grocery.

Well, herewith the outfit for quick weekly grocery... Hareem pants tank top and cardigan, i'm a bit in hurry so i choose Hanna Faridl hijab style, quick-chic-comfy *likey*

a cup of coffee wiv hubby before grocery

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wear to Work - Pinky Brownie

Salaam All,

I buy a couple of shawl when i went to citos ladies bazaar yesterday, i have no plan for shopping but these shawl are very temptating :D 

Their print are beautiful, as well as the material is not fragile so it will stick on your head perfectly...hmmm also the price is only IDR 60K each.

The Shawl
I choose to wear the cotton stretch shawl to office today, and very happy since almost everyone said "what a beautiful shawl you wear"

Herewith the picture of my outfit today :

If you read most of my post you must be know i often wear this cadigan
yeah i love the color, it match with most of my clothes and hijab (i love PINK)

Me and my Beautiful friends, proud to say we are all Secretaries (^^,) 

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hijab Tutorial - maRRa Scarf

Salaam All,

I was invited to join Blackberry Messenger Group called SCARF RACUN (Poisoned Scarf), the idea is if you trying their scarfs you'll get poisoned and addict to it ;). well since i'm a scarf hunter these day i'm very excited to join the group.

The Group was belong to Dhira and Margaret, 2 best friend that selling beautiful scarfs, they website is on progress now. 

You can follow them on @marrascarfs

The scarf size is 100cm x 115cm, the material is soft and very light, i'm so in love with the prints.

herewith my style using marra scarf a long with the tutorial

A bit of MiMi fashion tips:

if you feel the scarf is a bit slipery, you may use head band or an inner scarf and using some pin to hold the scarf on its position. 

round the scarf on your head and pin it on your chin
one side is way longer than others

1. Take the long part scarf and round it on your head
2. Hold the edge of rounded scarf and takes the longest part of remain scarf
3. round the remain scarf on your head
4. so there will be 2 scarf edge rounded on your head

pull both of the scarf edge as your comfortable position

Pin both of it using small brooch so it looks beautiful and blings

The Entire look

Monday, 3 January 2011

Mimi Daily Style - Random Pics

Salaam All,

as i mention before no internet connection during Dec 24 2010-Jan 2 2011, but i captured some of my daily hijab style.

herewith the style during year end :)

my Fave style :) simple and chic

Whose not in love with paris hijab, i love it very much
must have item for hijabi 

cotton stretch Hijab, fit with your head perfectly

Syrian Cherry Shawl from Hijab Edge very fragile but light and comfortable

Again Paris Hijab with deferent style
it's cover your chest so you can wear a low neck shirt/blouse

Marra-Scarf , beautiful print and very light