Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hijab Tutorial - maRRa Scarf

Salaam All,

I was invited to join Blackberry Messenger Group called SCARF RACUN (Poisoned Scarf), the idea is if you trying their scarfs you'll get poisoned and addict to it ;). well since i'm a scarf hunter these day i'm very excited to join the group.

The Group was belong to Dhira and Margaret, 2 best friend that selling beautiful scarfs, they website is on progress now. 

You can follow them on @marrascarfs

The scarf size is 100cm x 115cm, the material is soft and very light, i'm so in love with the prints.

herewith my style using marra scarf a long with the tutorial

A bit of MiMi fashion tips:

if you feel the scarf is a bit slipery, you may use head band or an inner scarf and using some pin to hold the scarf on its position. 

round the scarf on your head and pin it on your chin
one side is way longer than others

1. Take the long part scarf and round it on your head
2. Hold the edge of rounded scarf and takes the longest part of remain scarf
3. round the remain scarf on your head
4. so there will be 2 scarf edge rounded on your head

pull both of the scarf edge as your comfortable position

Pin both of it using small brooch so it looks beautiful and blings

The Entire look


Hijabs and Co said...

great mashallah

mimidailystyle said...

Thank you Hijabs and Co :)