Thursday, 27 January 2011

Little Black Dress

Salaam All,

Black Dress is a must have item on the wardrobe, because it can safe you to look fabulous with any kind of scarf/shawl/accessories...especially if you in a rush a black dress can be a perfect option.

I have a couple of black dress, my fave is this one, the material is cotton, very comfortable :)

I wore this dress to office yesterday, please take a look and mind the lousy face since i take the picture after i went home last night 

Cotton Maxi Dress
Spandex Body Suit
Polyester Scarf

Here's the closer look of the Hijab


Rani S Sembiring said...

salaam mba, Mimi, aku liat mba di Fb nya Nably covered hihi bagus deh mbaa yg pashmina glitternya, salam knal mbaa, :)

mimidailystyle said...

Hi Rani, Thanks yaaa dah mampir ke Blogku (^^,)salam kenal jg say...