Monday, 3 January 2011

Mimi Daily Style - Random Pics

Salaam All,

as i mention before no internet connection during Dec 24 2010-Jan 2 2011, but i captured some of my daily hijab style.

herewith the style during year end :)

my Fave style :) simple and chic

Whose not in love with paris hijab, i love it very much
must have item for hijabi 

cotton stretch Hijab, fit with your head perfectly

Syrian Cherry Shawl from Hijab Edge very fragile but light and comfortable

Again Paris Hijab with deferent style
it's cover your chest so you can wear a low neck shirt/blouse

Marra-Scarf , beautiful print and very light


Hijabs and Co said...

you are so cute mashallah

mimidailystyle said...

Jazakallahu Khairan :) *blushing*

erlin said...

iyaa... cantiiikkk.... ^_*

dorayaki said...

bagus deh pake hijab parisnya.. posting cara pakainya juga dong and tipsnya kok bisa sebagus itu bentuknya nggak menyon-menyon, aku newbie nih butuh inspirasi :) thanks

mimidailystyle said...

Hello Dorayaki :)

yang penting di setrika biar ga keriting bentuknya...aku dah post tutorialnya di

mdh2an berguna yaaaa...and selamat mencoba ;)