Saturday, 22 January 2011

MiMi Wedding Style - Siwi Wedding Reception

Salaam All,

Last Friday is my Best friend, Siwi wedding reception. I'm on recovery from cold and my boss did not gave me a permit to leave the office early, so here i am, with a very simple make up and self hijab creation,while my other friends are went to the salon for make up and hair do since 2pm, well i don't mind, the important is being with them.

Hamdallah the reception is a cross my office building so i'm not late to attend the reception.

Here's me and my besties on the wedding reception :

The Bride and Groom *sorry for the picture it's taken by mobi-cam*

We have a trophy that given to the marriage couple with our name on it
yeah you will not find MiMi on the trophy since it's my nick name (^^,)
I give u a clue, I'm the first of my friends whom get married.

My Besties

Us with the Couple, Siwi and Dippy...congrats you both
 *ooops Dipy look sleepy, time to go home now :)

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hijabi hippie hypo said...

Salam :) nice pics- the trophy is such a cool idea! love your hijab btw, it's awesome :D