Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wear to Work - Pinky Brownie

Salaam All,

I buy a couple of shawl when i went to citos ladies bazaar yesterday, i have no plan for shopping but these shawl are very temptating :D 

Their print are beautiful, as well as the material is not fragile so it will stick on your head perfectly...hmmm also the price is only IDR 60K each.

The Shawl
I choose to wear the cotton stretch shawl to office today, and very happy since almost everyone said "what a beautiful shawl you wear"

Herewith the picture of my outfit today :

If you read most of my post you must be know i often wear this cadigan
yeah i love the color, it match with most of my clothes and hijab (i love PINK)

Me and my Beautiful friends, proud to say we are all Secretaries (^^,) 


Anonymous said...

Love the cotton stretch shawl ^_^

yoga's DIARY said...

mbak,,mana yg bisa di order ????
aku pusing sendiri liatnya,,,baguuussss :(

yoga's DIARY said...

mbak,,mana yg bsa di order ??? aku pusing sendiri ngeliatnya ,,, baguuuuuuss