Monday, 28 February 2011

Colour your life contest

Salaam All,

I'm very excited to join Ween blog contest about how we applied colors to our outfit, but unfortunately i don't have a special time to take the i take some of my previous post...just express how i love colors and wore multi-colors outfit everyday :)

in love with her pants on this picture

I Love Playing with Colors
It can really help to boost my mood

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shawl Tutorial

Salaam All,

This time i will show you the alternative way to wrap your medium length shawl, the shawl size is about 130cmx50cm or for other size that too short for 2 round wrap and too long for only 1 round wrap.

I'm using 2 pin + 1 big brooch + 1 small brooch

put the shawl n your head with one side is longer than the other
Take the long side of shawl 
And round it on your head to shoulder
pull it until covering your chest and make triangle shape
Pin it on your shoulder with brooch
turn the short side of shawl into your back
you may pin the short shawl on your shoulder also to keep the shape
Very easy isn't? 
The Side Look

Monday, 21 February 2011


Salaam All,

This is what i wore yesterday, simple but i like it ;)

combination shawl
loose cardigan
wide leg jeans

Friday, 18 February 2011

Satay Afternoon

Salaam All,

Its Friday now... Fika Time at the office, well in Indonesia "small food"  mostly is not favorite there fore today Menu is SATE or satay (english) hehehehe My Swedish boss always wondering why often to have an early dinner not fika.

So here's the Satay, nyam nyam nyam...

Chicken Satay
Peanut Sauce
Rice Cake
Before Eat
see each one has their own style that their comfortable with :)
After Eat
Less than 30minutes hehehehe

Dress to Work

Salaam All,

Just a snap for the dress i wore to work :)

flowery maxi dress
loose cardigan
tiny belt
Polyester Scarf
butterfly Brooch

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

To The Train Station

Salaam All,

After spend several days in Jakarta, Yesterday mama Cecil went back to Malang. so we all go to Gambir station that noon.

Miss them already :(

Im wearing my Yellow cardi+jeans maxi skirt+polyester scarf
Meet my lovely sister in law Feby and her super-cute son, baby Mika 
Taking picture while waiting the train
mama cecil prefer to carry the baby bag rather than the Neverfull
since the neverfull weight is more than 2kilos *full of baby stuf* huehuehueh

Green Green Black

Salaam All,

When i bought this scarf i remember i have a green cardi that i never wear :D so i wore it for another family dinner with Mama Cecil.

That day we just spend half day at Tanah Abang for Shopping from morning time and arrive at home almost on Maghrib Pray time, but never too tired for another outside dinner with together...

The funny is my Mom ask to skip lunch and continue browsing from store to store, Yeah every women does like shopping hehehe...

I bet Xebi will join us shopping soon hehehe

Birthday Party to Family DInner

Salaam All,

My mom and dad in law from Malang are visiting us, they arrive last Friday, so on Saturday they invite some of aunties and cousins to have dinner together, unfortunately i already have this invitation from one of my best friend @risnaps :

Saturday is Keira 2nd birthday, the beautiful daughter from @risnaps and @anggapra .

So i decide to take my princess to Keira birthday first than continue to family dinner.

Hmmm birthday at playground and bring no nanny, i need to wear something loose and i choose the super wide leg jeans+white shirt, i add the colors from the Shawl.

Here's the look :

The closer look of the hijab
i love this shawl its stretch and thin
so very comfortable to wear and look preppy all the time

So only my and my Princess up to the dinner time, i'm glad i my Princess is 4 years old so she can play by herself, i just watching her from the sofa or ask my friend nanny to watch her as well when she plays with my friends child.

MiMi and Xebi
from left to right : Risna-Ami-MiMi-Riri-Nina-Tita
They're my Lovely Ladies, always there for me since year 2000
Love u mommies (**,)
Finally arrive at Family dinner, thank you for being a nice girl today Xebi, MiMi loves u

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Friday at Office

Salaam All,

Long time no post :D last week was very busy...this time is about last Friday, what to wear? hmmm i'm in the mood of candy colors... so herewith the outfit and hijab snaps :

Ooops Camera Phone, bad quality picture :D Sorry

The hijab closer look
I'm working at a Swedish company and yes my boss is Swedish so every Friday we have "FIKA" time, it's like British afternoon tea time, so all division member gather on the division lounge to have a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks.

Here the pics... Tack :)  *thanks*

Lovely Division Ladies

Some of the div members

Monday, 7 February 2011

Week End to Bandung

Salaam All,

Last week end i went to Bandung with My Best friends. Our husband watching football (Persema vs Bandung FC) while the wifey going around the  cafe and Factory Outlets.

A short holiday but very excited plus Liverpool won 0 - 1 over Chelsea ;) yes we close each other because we have one common : A die Hard Liverpool Fans Husband hehehehe 

I don't have time to taking picture of the outfits details so here's the snaps :

The Hijab Look (From Left to right) :
Polyester Scarf
Silk Scarf
Viscose Scarf

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Flowery Stripes

Salaam All,

Said who that stripes cannot combine with Flowery? hehehe since 2011 trends is mixed prints so i'd love to combine 2 prints together, stripes + Flowery as the example :)

As i mentioned on my previous post, stripes is a special prints, you can combine anything with it and still look fabs.

here the snaps, i wore this to office yesterday...

Polyester Scarf
Body Suite (Manset)
Stripey Shirt
Round Skirt

A Bit of MiMi Fashion Tips :

mixing prints is not like abstract painting you need to mind the colors and prints you choose, the important one is confidence of what you wear (^^,)

Side Look

Front Look