Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Birthday Party to Family DInner

Salaam All,

My mom and dad in law from Malang are visiting us, they arrive last Friday, so on Saturday they invite some of aunties and cousins to have dinner together, unfortunately i already have this invitation from one of my best friend @risnaps :

Saturday is Keira 2nd birthday, the beautiful daughter from @risnaps and @anggapra .

So i decide to take my princess to Keira birthday first than continue to family dinner.

Hmmm birthday at playground and bring no nanny, i need to wear something loose and i choose the super wide leg jeans+white shirt, i add the colors from the Shawl.

Here's the look :

The closer look of the hijab
i love this shawl its stretch and thin
so very comfortable to wear and look preppy all the time

So only my and my Princess up to the dinner time, i'm glad i my Princess is 4 years old so she can play by herself, i just watching her from the sofa or ask my friend nanny to watch her as well when she plays with my friends child.

MiMi and Xebi
from left to right : Risna-Ami-MiMi-Riri-Nina-Tita
They're my Lovely Ladies, always there for me since year 2000
Love u mommies (**,)
Finally arrive at Family dinner, thank you for being a nice girl today Xebi, MiMi loves u

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