Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Flowery Stripes

Salaam All,

Said who that stripes cannot combine with Flowery? hehehe since 2011 trends is mixed prints so i'd love to combine 2 prints together, stripes + Flowery as the example :)

As i mentioned on my previous post, stripes is a special prints, you can combine anything with it and still look fabs.

here the snaps, i wore this to office yesterday...

Polyester Scarf
Body Suite (Manset)
Stripey Shirt
Round Skirt

A Bit of MiMi Fashion Tips :

mixing prints is not like abstract painting you need to mind the colors and prints you choose, the important one is confidence of what you wear (^^,)

Side Look

Front Look


me aishi said...

yang terpenting memang nyaman dan percaya diri maka terciptalah fashion unik ^^

Sari.ameL said...

Beauty as always

mimidailystyle said...

thank u Aishi and Sari :)

QieKy Ajha said...

kayak gini jg..
mau tutornya..