Monday, 28 February 2011

Colour your life contest

Salaam All,

I'm very excited to join Ween blog contest about how we applied colors to our outfit, but unfortunately i don't have a special time to take the i take some of my previous post...just express how i love colors and wore multi-colors outfit everyday :)

in love with her pants on this picture

I Love Playing with Colors
It can really help to boost my mood


IFA Athirah said...

kite same!sy pn ske main warna :)

ween said...

hye mimi, thanks for participating! but actually a pic would be enough :) i hope u can highlight which outfit u wanna used to compete in the contest. tq lovely!

mimidailystyle said...

Hi Ifa, love your polka cardi...cute


Hi Ween, hihihi i thought i missed the competition so i send may use the one in the middle on the bottom row, if you need the bigger images i can send to your email

i love that outfit because so many colors on it and perfect to be mix-match with other colors

thanks a lot ;)

ween said...

will appreciate if u can send to my email at weengorgeous[at]gmail[dot]com :) thanks lovely!

rachma said...

gimana sih mba..caranya maduin warna" nya...kok jadi keliatan bagus gitu...aku juga pengen kayak gitu doong :)

tipsnya pliis :)

mimidailystyle said...

Hi Rachma, basic mix match warna misal dress kamu yg warna warni km bisa ambil 1 warna dari warna2 di dress kamu untuk cardigan, 1 warna untuk kerudung

kalo kamu sdh pede dgn warna warni km mau campur 3-4warna or tabrak motif jg oks kok selama kamu nyaman dgn warna warni itu ;) krn kalo gapede keliatan lho auranya

selamat mencoba yaaaaa ;)

Anonymous said... it