Monday, 28 March 2011

Fashion Blogger - Yard Sale #6

Salaam All,

Me and besties went to Blogger Yard Sale 6 at FX, we do some shopping *ah women ;)

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My princess help me to choose a dress at Mainland Heritage and a shawl at Nably Covered booth.
It was very excited to meet other blogger and take a picture together (^^,)
with Fika
Lulu , MiMi, Xebi, Wulan, Fika
Fika, Lulu, Wulan, and Restu are very nice and beautiful and stylish in person...nice to meet you ladies...see you on the next event ;)


Anonymous said...

wah kapan yah bs ketemuan sama mimi hehehe

mimidailystyle said...

yuk janjian di next event hijabers community (^*,)

piacevole hijaab said...

cardigan mimi lucu..bisikin donk beli dimana? hihihi, kemaren acara HC kita gak ketemu ya??

mimidailystyle said...

hihihiy lupa say beli dimana, di OS kok...dah lama soale :)

iya aku di HC sebentar ketemu deh kitaaa :D