Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Afternoon Coffee

Salaam All,

I always love to have a cup of coffee and a bunch of conversation, especially with my Husband, we did it since dating time up to now...

for a hot sunny day i wore this loose stripes dress+a body fit manset
for the hijab i combine "ninja's" inner (head dress) with Syrian shawl.

here's the snaps:

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Anonymous said...

mimi yang selalu cantik ^^

mimidailystyle said...

Thank u Aishi (^^,)

Kcaiyah D. said...

Salams sister. Got your blog link from SWB. wow. you've got a cool blog in here.

followed you btw. i'd be very happy if you could visit me back and follow.. :)

anyway, lovely photo.

Maya Irmayanti said...

lucu padu padan warnanya mbak..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sister, I am holding a Hijabi Giveaway. I was wondering if you or any other Muslimah who reads this would like to enter! It's really simple all you have to do is send me email all the details are on my blog


jazallah khair Rabia

mimidailystyle said...

Rabia : on the way to your blog (^^,)

Maya : thanks a lot dear

Kcaiyah : thanks for stopping by, will follow your blog too

Anonymous said...

Sister, you have won an award on my blog please go check it out ----

Anonymous said...

Sister you have won an award on my blog please go check it out. :DD

mimidailystyle said...

yaaay...thanks Rabia (^^,)