Friday, 27 May 2011

Fashionese Daily Hijab Class

Salaam All,

Glad i can start to post again :) thanks for keep return to read my blog.

I'm attending Fashionese Daily (FD) Hijab Class, sponsored by Wardah Cosmetic last month, it's excited to meet new friends and some we know from the FD Forum and Blog.

The Hijab class opened by make-up demo and continue with share the hijab style by Ms. Rita then continue with lunch.

Here's the snaps of the event:

Me wear Mainlandher Jumpsuit
Make-Up Demo

Mrs. Rita Hijab Style Tutorial

With Desy


irma puspita said...

Mimi, cantik sekali pake jumpsuitnya Mainland, jadi pengen juga, :) ayo ayo dibuat tutorial hasil hijab style class-nya.. Salam kenal ya Mimi.. :)

MiMi said...

Jazakallahu Irma, salam kenal juga yah :)