Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Another [Long] Week End Style

Salaam All,

Couple of week ago me+hubby+princess went to a hotel (in the city) to have long week end there, well since it was a sudden holiday so i only have a little time to pack,

Herewith my outfit during the wiken getaway :)

abstract cutting shawl
body suit
loose midi dress
pencil jeans
Statemet Top by @mainlandher
you may see other style of this fabulous top here
one of my fave stripey dress
loose square cardi


netta said...

itu Statemet Top by mainland-nya lucu banget sich, tapi aku tetap ga ngerti, sebenarnya itu 1 pc / 2 pc sich???
trus..harganya brp say? hehe
thank u

MiMi said...

Hi Netta, Statement top itu 1pc say, aku juga pas beli aga2 bingung gimana cara pakenya tp ternyata bisa jd macem2 model keren bgd (^^,)

Harganya berapa yah? 200-300 ribu deh kalo ga salah hehehe km cek aja ke @mainlandher or @moshaict

Amalia Ardiatami said...

Aslam, Hai kak Mimi, aku follower baru dsini and I love your daily style :D Happy holiday for you and family! hehehe

MiMi said...

Hi Amalia...thanks for following my blog, mdh2an berguna ya isi postingan aku :)