Saturday, 10 September 2011

Iftar with Friends

Salaam All,

This post is about the pictures from some Iftar time with friends...

Iftar with my best ladies...we've been together since single and now some of us already have 2 child hihihihi

Fireworks wif my Princess

here's the team (from left to right)
Amie, @ninakirana @titanugraha @ririmarsetyo @mimidailystyle @risnaps #Xebi

facing camera

after break the fast

Iftar with Mommies from Gita Islamic Montessori school

at the same day also i got the Iftar invitation with my senior highschool class mate, IPS-5 so i ran to Plaza Senayan from Xebi's school after break the fast.


Iftar with Dhita and Lia...we're busy tour de factory outlet at Bandung while waiting break the fast time :)

Last but not least...iftar with my lovely krucils...we go to highschool together...

1st day with Siwi-Tata-Yaya-Tike

emmm yeah accompany the children playing too after dinner

2nd day with Dhita and lindy

Actually i also break the fast with Arisan BR boo...but i have to leave early so i didn't get the chance to take picture with them, herewith the pict from our last Arisan session.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Simplest way to wrap a Scarf

Salaam All,

It's been toOo long since my last tutorial, i think i owe so so so much hehehe.

Anyway...Happy Eid Mubarak for you, may the spirit of Ramadhan always with us every day and every time, Amin.

So i skip some post to post this tutorial first (^^,)

I have so many scarfs that the material are a bit slippery (e.g silk, chiffon) to wore without inner, and i try some style how to wrap it without lot of pins, so here with the style that is very simple and only need 2 pin.

wear your most comfortable inner
put the scarf on your head with one side is longer than the other

pull the short side of scarf into the side/upside of your ear, hold it with your finger
and pull the other aside so it wont run :)

Pull the long side scarf down with the position up on the short side until you find the comfortable position

Pin the both side to the inner

so it will look like this

round the long part of scarf covering your chest

and round it into the back side of your neck

pin the edge of the round side on your shoulder

Tadaaaa...done :)
front side

Back side

herewith the entire look (**,)

So easy isn't? Have a Nice try all...

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