Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Scarfs Style

Salaam All,

I produce some scarfs for my label SimplyMii , I was in love with the print oh those scarfs. I always try the scarfs before produce it, wear it all day long and see if the scarfs were comfortable and easy to wrap.

What i love about a scarfs is it will make you look different daily, you may wrap it as you like, just wear your comfortable inner and the scarfs will look beautiful and preppy on you.

So here with some of my scarf style :)

Make Up : By Myself
Scarfs : Between The Circle - SimplyMii
Wardrobe : SimplyMii

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WuLan said...

Aku dah punya scarfnya.. emang bener2 comfortable :) recomended dech ^^

tari said...

bikin tutorialnya dong mba mimi...hehehe..aku udah punya nih reversible scarf nya :)

AIU said...

kasih, step by step pke scraf nya dunk mba.. aku nya ribet neh, gk bisa pke scraf.. licin, jd jatuh mulu T.T

dian said...

skg jd scarf andalanku, nyaman dipakai dan bahannya bagus jatuhnya