Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thank You For Coming

Salaam All,

November was a very hectic month for me, I was very surprised with the responses to my clothing label "SimplyMii". Even though, i have no employee at the moment, but my customers' enthusiasm really boost my energy level to give my best efforts for them.

Anyway, at the beginning of this month i had a chance to participate at CITOS Fashion Tuesday Bazaar as one of the tenant and i was very happy since some of my friends from Fashionese Daily paid a visit to my booth. Indeed, we used to chat through webforum and BB Messenger group, and the first meeting with them in person was so exciting (This including Nisa, even though i've met her couple of times before ;) )

So Thanks a bunch again to my lovely friends @ketupatkartini @Rahma_Hayati and Mocit, we should arrange a more exciting "kopdar" next time......