Sunday, 8 January 2012

Yogyakarta Trip - Meet FD'ers mates

Salaam All,

On my trip to Yogyakarta i spent some time in the evening to have a cup of coffee with my friends, Mbak Reny and Mbak Wiwiek, i knew them from fashionesedaily webforum. We used to chat over the forum or blackberry messenger group, so this was the first time i met them in person.

Herewith the pictures with them taken by my lovely princess, Xebi :

Nice to meet you ladies, hope we can arrange the next 'kopdar' soon with the others ;)

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Ade Neda Asyasi said...

Kak mimi, suka deh cara hijabnya.. Simple gak norak n ribet.. Boleh dicontek ya ^^ thanks..

MiMi said...

Hai Ade, Thanks yaaaa...silahkan di coba style2 jilbab-ku tutorialnya ada di blog ini kok ;)