Sunday, 8 April 2012

Amazing Journey - Alhamdulillah

Salaam all,

Last month was so amazing as Allah SWT give me and husband a chance to visit Mecca and Medina for Umrah.

I will share the story later on MimiLovelyDay Blog now i want to share the outfit during the trip, All mostly designed by my self.

The Batik uniform from Travel


Breezy morning at Medina, 13C degree in the morning

Beautiful Nabawi Mosque from outside - After Isha Time
Nabawi Mosque Terrace
In front of our hotel, ready to go to Biir Ali for Miqot
Labaik Allahuma Labaik - Subhanallah, Masjidil Haram, Mecca
The Holy Ka'Bah, Subhanallah...AllahuAkbar
Masjidil Haram Terrace
Masjidil Haram Terrace
Jabal Al - Rahmah
Floating Mosque - Red Sea
All i can say is Subhanallah and pray i can return to Tanah Haram Soon either for Hajj or another Umrah, Amiin Yaa Rabb

All Clothes are made by Mimi Alysa, if you'd like to order it please email Insya Allah we can made on your size to complete your amazing Hajj/Umrah Journey.
Thank You.

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