Tuesday, 11 December 2012

MEIN Designers goes to Makassar

MEIN Designers Makassar Trip

From let to right: Afra Nurina (Treimee Preferee) - Indira Putri (byindiraputri) - Mimi Alysa (Mimi Alysa) - Nalia Rifika (Nabilia Limitee) - Fitri Aulia (Fitri Aulia). Most of us had never been touch Makassar land before thus this trip was very exciting. The city is stunning and the people are charming.

From let to right: Indira Putri (byindiraputri) - Nalia Rifika (Nabilia Limitee) - Afra Nurina (Treimee Preferee) - Mimi Alysa (Mimi Alysa) - Fitri Aulia (Fitri Aulia) and of course the little one Xebi Alysa - KidsMii designer

This is the Men behind the gun (from left to right): Mulky Aulia (Fitri Aulia & KIVITZ),  Delonika (Nabilia &  Nabilia Limitee) - Hary Novianto & Xebi Alysa (SimplyMii, KidsMii & Mimi Alysa Label) - John Martin (Indij & byIndiraPutri). Each of them has their own strengths and they contribute their talent and knowledge to MEIN. It is all about to provide the best service to our customers.

Insya Allah, we will open MEIN Designers Store in Makassar, so stay tuned with MEIN.

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blackpepper said...

love the way you wear your hijab...is that using square hijab? do you have a tutorial how to wear it in youTube? or would u share it step by step by photos in ur blog? hehehehe.....I'll thank alot if u did it....tengkyu....beautiful you....