Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Busy Week with Xebi Alysa. Part 1.

Left to right: Fitri Aulia, Suci Utami, baby Kenza and Mimi Alysa

Last week, finally i could see baby Kenza Annafi Budy at MEIN designers store with his Mom - Suci Utami, he's such a cute and very handsome baby. Even though he wore Manchester United outfit and i am Liverpool fan (i am joking of course....hehehe), but it doesn't matters he's totally so cute. Thank You Suci and Fitri :)

Another time with Xebi Alysa, this time we were visiting our booth at MUSE101, fX Lifestyle X'nter. I know it's quite hard to spell fX thingy, but just call it fX. Our little store is performing well, and hope that our customers enjoy the shopping experience there.

Lots of people asking why we spend lots of time to checking out all of our stores - one by one. Actually, most people don't understand that we want our store to perform at their best level -- including the staffs, the services and the products. Thus, there are no different among MEIN store, MUSE101, Mollie Muslima Store, or our coming soon branch in Makassar, etc. We treat them equally, and hope that they can complement each other - please remember that the final end is our customer feel better -- and we can make our customers life happier. Nothing can beat the feeling that our customer feel so happy spending time at our store.

So, that's our very busy week, hope you enjoy this little story from us.

Mimi Alysa and Xebi Alysa

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