Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mimi Alysa and MEIN Designers: the fellowship of the MEIN.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you" -- Elbert Hubbard. My trip with MEIN Designers to Bandung was all about friendship. We wanted to make the bond stronger and enjoy a bit fresh air and a bit of a very refreshing mountain water.

Actually it was three of us: Mimi Alysa, Fitri Aulia and Restu Anggraini, but Restu had to go back to Jakarta and didn't join the "Maja House" tea time and Dian Firlyana finally came up and enjoyed this fabulous cafe with us.

I forgot to mention Xebi and the husbands, they are very supporting since the beginning. Mulky Aulia (husband of Fitri Aulia), Ario (husband of Dian Firlyana), Rahmat Ramadhan (husband of Restu Anggraini) are the men behind the gun. The are working very hard to keep the company up and running and they enjoyed this trip as well.

Xebi loves Bandung very much, she loves the food, she loves the weather, and she loves the smell of pine trees. We actually had an idea to submit her primary-school application to some of the best Islamic Schools in Bandung, but we'll see the situation. Right now, we let her enjoying her time and her label: KidsMii. Someday, we'll post her activities with the dressmakers.

So, this is it. We have lot of ideas and plans to travel to other cities. So, stay tuned in Mimi Alysa Blog.

Cheers, Wassalam.

Photo: Courtesy of Mulky Aulia and Fitri Aulia (KIVITZ)

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