Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Coming Soon: Umrah and Hajj Series 2013 by Mimi Alysa

Inspired by my journey to Mecca and Madina last year, I will launch the "Mimi Alysa" Umrah and Hajj series 2013, hope that all of you will like it and perform the ibadah "Umrah and Hajj" more focus and get the blessing from Allah Swt. Amin.

The collection will be available in a couple of weeks. Insya Allah.


Myday said...

love it...ga sabar nunggu..

Sayad Imanullha said...

Wassalam !!! Yes you are right all Muslims in the whole world's first wish to go to Mecca and Madina to see the holiest Kaaba. But due to some reason some of them are unable to reach to Mecca to see Kaaba. May Allah bless them and they may at least visit Mecca to see the Kaaba even once in there life time.

umrah 2013

Keith Francesca said...

You look really nice.

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