Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ladies Time - MEIN Designers

From left to right: Afra Nurina (Treimee, Treimee Preferee), Indira Putri (Indij, byindiraputri), Nalia Rifika (Nabilia, Nabilia Limitee), Mimi Alysa (SimplyMii, Mimi Alysa)

Assalam'ualaikum Dear LadyLoves,

Sometimes we, MEIN Designers, don't have to spend our time talking only about our business, but we need a time to talk about life and health as well. Recently, we are doing the Bikram Yoga, a kind of yoga practiced since Bikram Choudhury became the champion of All-India National Yoga Championship at the age of thirteen. It's fun and make your body feel so good after you exercise it. Probably, it is not very comfortable for the first timers, but after you do it for several times, you'll get used to it and get the benefit of the yoga.

But, be careful, if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, please consult to your physician first before doing this hot yoga.

Wassalam and have a nice day.

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