Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mimi Alysa Daily Style: The Muslima Designers

Top (Left to right): Diana (KARA), Maharani Hatta, Noni Zakiah (NZ), Tasya Mecca (MECCANISM)
Bottom (left to right): Vivi Thalib, Dian Pelangi, Indira Putri (INDIJ), Vivi Zubedi (VIVIANCO), Novierock (NONECLOTHING), Zaskia Mecca (MECCANISM), Mimi Alysa (SIMPLYMII)

As a human, we want to see, talk and interact with other humans -- this is a basic human nature. And working in Muslim Fashion, seeing other designers is good for your soul and spark your creativity. So, the designers - arisan - mini gathering was pretty fruitful, strengthening relationship and have fun a little bit. Looking forward to see you again in the next arisan lovely ladies.

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ririst chan said...

Sounds great and quality time...
it's super cool, kak mimi.. :)