Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mimi Daily Style: Japanese Printed Baby Hareem (Limited Edition)

Mimi Alysa Daily Style today: The Baby Hareem is one of SimplyMii and Mimi Alysa best seller. The cutting is simple and yet it is very comfortable for daily wear. moreover, the Japanese printed motif is very limited, customers can only get one motif in every season. Thus, it is very exclusive and fabulous. You can grab the collection at MEIN Designers Store, Kemang.

The Baby Hareem inspiration came when the fashion trend at that time was a big hareem pants. Mimi Alysa spot the needs for smaller hareem pants, practical for everyday activities, light, but still in line with Islamic principle, and then the rest is history. The pants itself is perfectly fit with loose circle top, or poly cardigan.

And not only for daily wear, if you combine the Baby Hareem with Curve Tunic, it is very comfortable for Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage as well. The pants shape will be hidden in the tunic, thus very practical for daily prayer or in a rush to go the nearest mosque. The design will allow you to move faster but not make it spotted by dirt or mud. The Umrah and Hajj series "Shafa Tunics Set - Curve Tunic with Baby Hareem" is available at MEIN Designers Store.

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