Friday, 3 May 2013

"The Beach Life" - back Bali Trip Day 1

Back to first day, we missed one or two point during the trip to Bali. First is the Bali culture is so rich, it feels that you've never get enough to explore it. If you read the history, the first settlement in Bali probably around 2,500 BC, and then influx from Buddhism, Hinduism, and other modern philosophy shape Balinese culture as we seen today. However the key history was around 11th century when many Javanenese/Majapahit elites set afoot in Bali and gave strong influx to Balinese culture. And then the Dutch took over the region and continued by Japanese and finally Indonesia Independence by our first President - Soekarno which was born half Balinese half Javanese.

The other natural landscape that reshape Balinese people is the beach. This beach culture is also contributing to the modern Balinese, from cuisine, clothes, sea life, etc. Tourist who visited the island also contributing to new beach culture around Bali. This strong natural landscape undoubtedly is very strong influx to Balinese culture.

For me, working in this fantastic scenery proving to be a very fruitful process. So many creative ideas were born here naturally. Thus, i hope that the next collection of Mimi Alysa and SimplyMii will be better than what we have delivered before. Couple days of retreat inflicted a huge impact on the creative process. Thus, stay tuned on this blog and wait for more fabulous trip journal from Mimi Alysa. Good night ladyloves.

Photo by Hary Novianto

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