The Designer

Mimi Alysa Label is the top-of-the-line label of Mimi Alysa who also the principal designer of SimplyMii. With this label, she has more liberty to create unique design and explore more traditional fabrics from Indonesia. The history of Mimi Alysa Label can be traced back since 2010 when se founded SimplyMii as well established Hijab Brand in Indonesia.

Mimi's journey of wearing hijab start after her gorgeous baby girl was born. The sense of a caring mother came out after she looked at innocent face of her daughter, Xebi Alysa.  So with 'Bismillah' Mimi started to wear hijab, now her collections can be seen from Aceh to Papua, and from Australia to South Africa.

Currently we are expanding into several brands: 

1. Mimi Alysa: premium label

2. SimplyMii: for more casual daily wear.

3. KidsMii: for Kids Wear.

4. District.12: collaboration with other designers.

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